Give Monthly

Giving monthly is the most convenient way to give. On this page I’ll include the simple, one page form required for giving a monthly along with step by step directions for setting up your monthly giving. This form will authorize an automatic direct deposit from your account, every month, on the date of your choosing. Any monthly amount can be given and is greatly appreciated. All givings are 100% secure and tax deductible. I go through a secure accounting firm that ensures that your investment is safe, secure, and legal for tax purposes.

I want to greatly thank any and all forms of financial support, it truly does enable me to do what I do and advance the Kingdom on earth. Financial support is investing in the Lord’s vision and allowing me to advance that vision every day

Step-by-step directions for setting up monthly giving

1.) Print the support form found here: Support Form

2.) Select the “New Account” box found under the “Part I: Transaction Type” section

3.) Fill Out Part II and Part III with your identification information and your account information

4.) Complete the form by signing at the bottom where prompted

5.) Mail the support form to the address at the top of the support form. The address can also be found here: US Accounting C/O Randy Johnson; PO Box 156 Spring Mills, PA 16875

That’s all that’s needed to set up your monthly giving! This is the quickest and most secure way to set up monthly giving. The information goes straight to the certified accounting agency and guarantees that your information is secure and your investment is safe.

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