Financial Support

Giving of yourself financially opens your finances up and creates space in that area of life where God can provide for and bless you. We live in a society where abundance is considered being safe and a lot of blessings get withheld because of that mentality.

I’m not encouraging poor money management, I’m all about being a good steward of our resources but I’m an even bigger advocate for creating space in my life, even in my budget, of mystery. Because God is a god who loves to work through mystery and if that’s what it takes to see the miracles of God in my life then bring it on!

So let God amaze and stretch your faith to new heights through this. If you feel you can safely partner for $20 per month, give $40 per month and create the extra room to see God provide in your own life. If you feel you can volunteer at your home church 2 Sundays a month, stretch yourself for 3 Sundays a month and see what the Lord does.

Romans 11:6 (ESV) says this: without faith, it is impossible to please him [God], for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Step out in faith, don’t give what’s comfortable, give a little extra and create some room for faith and mystery to collide and God to reward you for seeking Him. I’m not preaching a prosperity gospel, I’m preaching the bible, it’s not wrong to consider the reward. It’s God’s nature to bless His children, we just need to make some room in our lives to receive it.

Here’s a couple ways that you can give:

Give Monthly        One Time Gift

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