Small thinking is driving me crazy…

There’s a narrow mindedness in the church today and it comes at the cost of our influence. The church doesn’t have anywhere near the influence it should if God really is who we say He is. If God is who we say He is, than we’re dreaming way too small.

If you look at the major drivers in todays big think tanks, the Steve Jobs or Elon Musk types, these guys have influence.

Elon Musk, founded the Space X program with a goal to colonize mars with 40,000 people by the year 2040. In a CNN interview Musk was asked why and he responded with something to the effect of wanting to wake up with something to hope for.

The hyper loop project; Musk was sitting in rush hour traffic in Los Angeles when all of a sudden he got this idea to tunnel underneath the city in order to solve a traffic problem.

I lived in Houston for a while and had a 13 mile commute that would take an hour and a half and I remember sitting in traffic, many times, thinking something along the lines of, “This really sucks, this is wasting so much time right now.” Wouldn’t you know it, the one thing that never crossed my mind was that I needed to create any kind of solution to this problem; let alone a solution that looks something like tunneling under the city.

I want something to hope for too, but I’ve never once thought that I need to go to mars in order to do it.

Whether you think these things are good ideas or not, it doesn’t change the fact that people like Musk see issues and get inspired to create something out of it. The point is that this kind of big thinking and execution creates a position of influence.

And Musk is an atheist! He’s bound by science and what he can understand in the natural world. Meanwhile, in the church, we claim the God who created it all and we can’t figure out how to effectively influence the small communities inside our walls.

Most churches are struggling to influence the people they already have that the thought of impacting entire cities is defeating; but we’re called to impact nations! Not churches, not cities… nations; but we’re too small minded to believe that it can be done let alone know how to go about doing it.

Thus we have atheists colonizing new planets in the name of hope but the church, that holds the key to true hope, is too small minded to build a position of influence within our own communities. If we’re going to influence nations, we’ve got to start dreaming bigger; at the very least, bigger than the atheists!

The mission field that I’m in at Penn State is not impoverished, but it is in need. We’ve got individuals who pour millions of dollars into the university because they believe in the science and technology growth happening here in a way that it justifies the giving.

On the flip side of that coin, I travel to churches to stir up financial partners for a ministry that’s on the forefront of revival with real testimonies of the sick getting healed and the broken being delivered and it’s like pulling teeth to try and get enough people to give ten or twenty dollars per month to advance the revival that is breaking out before our eyes.

I’m not trying to prompt people into giving me more, though it would be nice and I could use it; what I really want is for people to stop thinking so small and give in a way that reflects a big, influential, powerful way of thinking.

If God is who we say He is, then we’re dreaming and thinking too small. We’ve got to start thinking like people with influence.


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