This is Edgy, but…

This is going to be a bit edgy but I’m nothing if not an unrefined “from the heart” kind of person. Edgy or not, this is 100% God’s heart.

A good friend of mine shared the other night that he had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a couple of gay men at the gym. Somewhere along the way, the conversation went the direction of, “It’s hard to love people who are gay because though I don’t condemn them, I just don’t understand it so I can’t relate at all.”

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I had this thought that it’s no different than relating to anybody else. Here’s what I make of that: we shouldn’t relate to people on the level of their sin or struggle because more times than not, we won’t understand their struggles. What we can understand and relate to is being messed up and needing help. So find people there, on the level of repentance.

I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, struggling with addiction, lust, jealousy, bitterness, I don’t care. If you’re interested in a restoration and redemption (i.e. the love of Christ), I’ll find you there.

We don’t have to understand people, we just need to meet people on the level of experiencing the love of the Father. Then build a bridge from the shore of the love that we know to the shore of their hunger for love. Period.

My fiancé had a gay friend in beauty school who recently passed away who used to sit in their break room and sob into his bible because he knew it wasn’t right but didn’t know how to turn it off. It’s literally the most vivid depiction I’ve ever seen of what Paul describes in Romans 7 about doing in the flesh what your heart doesn’t want.

My heart breaks for this man, but my heart doesn’t break on the level of seeing his sin. My heart breaks that there weren’t more people like my fiancé who would give him a hug and tell him that they didn’t care about his struggle in the flesh because his repentant heart was beautiful and that heart is where healing would materialize out of. How freeing do you think that would have been for him?

We get so worried that by showing people love we’re going to validate their actions. The ONLY reason we think that way is because we think that we have the ability to convict them of their actions otherwise. We don’t! The Holy Spirit is the only voice of conviction, period. We’re just called to love people when they’re feeling the weight of conviction.

The young guy that my fiancé went to school with is a gay man that I could have related to, because I wouldn’t relate to him on the level of his sin; I’d relate to him on the level of Jesus’ love.

The Bible says that it rains on the just and the unjust, that’s a rain of blessing, not hardship! The just and unjust get blessed just the same. Ever wonder why good things happen to undeserving people while good people get the raw end of the deal? It’s because God leads people to repentance with His kindness. He freaking blesses people out of their sin and into the Kingdom!

Come on! If that doesn’t get you hype, I don’t know what will. That’s God moving right there!

Rather than injecting all of our interpretations of the rules into peoples lives, if we just loved people and let the Holy Spirit do it’s work, that would bring far more people out of their sin than forcing legalism on them!

Revival lies in releasing this kind of love. This is the kind of love that God has for His children.

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  1. Well said bud! There are only 2 human conditions and they both meet at the same cross. Different personalities manifest different “sins”, but the same love confronts them all.

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