Revival [part iii]

This is going to be a pretty quick post. If you want more on revival, go back and read revival [part i] and revival [part ii].

This is just a thought that I’ve been having today, no big scriptural study or anything, but trust me, this is real Bible. This is something God has been speaking to me pretty strongly and it fits into this vein of sparking/sustaining revival so I’m pretty much elaborating live time as God is speaking it to me here today.

I was in the middle of taking some photos today when I took the featured image of this post. For whatever reason, I had this pretty simple thought and I felt it worth sharing so that’s what I’m doing.

The thought has to do with championing the people around us. This idea of celebrating the success of the people around us isn’t a particularly intuitive one but it’s key to seeing the fulness of what God has for us come into manifestation.

Competition isn’t bad by nature, competition brings growth and improvement and a lot of good things; but when our spirit of competition overrides our ability to celebrate the amazing successes in other’s lives, then it becomes unhealthy. The whole system breaks down when competition overrides our joy for others.

The reason I chose the feature image that I did for this post is because when I was taking that shot today I had the thought that a tree growing in this forest doesn’t prevent the other trees around it from growing, that’s where this whole thought was born from. In the same line of thinking, people around you being successful doesn’t throttle your ability to be successful.

As humans, we often have this tendency to think that there’s a limited capacity for opportunity around us and if somebody else capitalizes on that opportunity then all of sudden our opportunity is gone. So we get defensive and competitive and the result is that we end up making excuses for why we aren’t successful and that excuse often falls in the line of being jealous towards the success of others.

The truth is this:

Big dreams are supposed to be beyond any one single person so that it requires the inclusion of other successful people to make that dream come to reality. Only a truly great person can be in the presence of other great people and not feel threatened or intimidated.

The reason I’m bringing this up in this vein of revival is that the spirit of competition will absolutely snuff out the spark of revival. The whole apex that revival balances on is to bring people together under the umbrella of the love of Jesus. We have to champion others and celebrate their successes rather than letting jealousy creep in and feeling threatened by their successes.

Elevate yourself to greatness so that you can be in the presence of other great people and not be intimidated. Because when you start to feel intimidated you retract; and if you’re retracting from the great and successful people in your life, you’re retracting from the people who have the best ability to help you make your dream a reality.

Being surrounded by great people creates incredible capacity to walk in everything that God has for you and revival will spring out of that place.


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