Revival [part ii]

The power of testimony carries us from one spiritual high to the next and fills the gaps between radical moves of the spirit. We go on this spiritual roller coaster so often and it’s a mountain top experience where we feel so alive in the spirit of God and then a “spiritual valley” or “dessert place” as the christianese goes, hits.

The power of testimony carries us from spiritual mountaintop to spiritual mountaintop and that is what revival looks like. Revival springs forth when we are able to identify the face of God, regardless of the season we’re in, high or low. When we start seeing God in every season, the valleys don’t seem so low.

Psalm 78: 5-7 says, “He [God] established a testimony in Jacob…that the next generation might know them… and not forget the works of God.”

It’s important to remember the testimony of God. The implication is that there’s benefits to be gleaned from keeping the accounts of the miraculous in our back pockets.

It goes on in verses 9-11 to talk about the Ephraimites who were armed with bows and equipped to win the war they faced. Instead, they turned and fled on the day of battle. Why? Verse 12 says that it’s because they had forgotten God’s works. They failed to remember the testimony of what God had done and therefore forfeited the fight.

When fully equipped soldiers forget the testimony of what God has done, they forfeit wars that they are actually destined to win. Testimonies carry us to victory.

In Revelation 12:10-11 it says that the accuser [Satan] has been thrown down by the blood of the lamb and by the word of the testimony.

It’s easy to grasp, or maybe just more widely preached, the enemy being thrown down by the blood of the lamb; that’s what Jesus did. The enemy being thrown down by the power of our testimony, that’s not as common. We often miss that the blood of the lamb enables us to defeat the enemy in the same manner that Jesus did.

I was on an airplane from Phoenix to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and I was reading a book talking about testimony and the book stopped, mid-paragraph and instructed the reader (me) to put my hand on any part of my neck/upper back that I was experiencing pain in.

In fact if you’re reading this right now, go ahead and do the same if you have any upper back or neck pain.

I had slept wrong on my neck a few nights prior so my neck was stiff and sore. Not debilitating but definitely annoying. I put my hand there and scanned through the next paragraph which gave a testimony of a woman who had fallen from a ladder and broken her neck.

She had healed fairly well, no permanent handicap but her neck had grown back at a slight angle and she had never really gained back full range of motion side to side.

She was at a church service where Randy Clark was on stage and he called out a word of knowledge from the stage about a woman who had fallen off a ladder and sustained neck trauma. In that moment, the woman’s neck popped; audibly. The people around her heard, were startled, and then began looking around confused as if to say, “What the heck was that?” It was that loud.

It wasn’t until she began praising God for the miracle that her neck was no longer cocked forward at that angle that they realized what had happened. Her chiropractor happened to attend the same church so he examined her on the spot and confirmed that her spine was absolutely straight as an arrow; as if there had never been anything wrong with it. A new spine.

She didn’t receive prayer, the laying on of hands, any of it. Somebody just called out her condition with faith for healing and she was healed.

As I’m reading, the paragraph gets to a point where it says, “Now to the reader, how does your neck feel?” Sure enough, I moved my hand and stretched my neck; all of the pain, all of the stiffness was gone.

My muscles were so relaxed and I felt the accompanying peace that comes with the healing love of Jesus rush all around me in that moment.

I’ve seen radical healings before, but never in my life have I laid hands on myself and received a healing miracle through the declaration of a testimony over myself. I did the very thing I just did with you while teaching this word to three separate groups of students on Penn State’s campus in the past month and every time, there wasn’t a single person who came with pain that walked away still experiencing that pain.

Now I have to ask, if you’re reading this, how does your neck and back feel?

God is a miracle working God, the testimony of those miracles carries the real power of the Holy Spirit to see those things done again.

The Hebrew word that “testimony” comes from actually means a continuance, to repeat, or to do again. The word testimony actually means that if God has done it before, He wants to do it again. When we speak the power of testimony over situations in our lives, we actually call God’s power into physical existence for those testimonies to reproduce themselves.

Everything that God has done becomes a personal account or archive of what He is willing and able to do again. It becomes a catalogue of the creative miracles that we can tap into as children.

In Psalm 119:14 David says, “In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.”

We become vessels to see God do the miraculous through us. Nations will be reached by harnessing the power of testimony and for that we consider the testimonies worth more than all riches.

I was out at Bethel church in Redding, California a few weeks ago and there was a story being told from stage of a woman who showed up to the church looking for someone to pray over her because she had brain cancer.

If you read my Spring Break [Day 2] update, you read the story of the woman who had brain cancer getting miraculously healed by the love of Jesus. So I’m at Bethel listening to this and I just start declaring that testimony from spring break over the woman they’re describing from stage. I just start saying, “God I’ve seen it done, let your love shower her the same way you encountered Karen in Georgia. Healing in the name of Jesus…” Over and over again.

I get back from Bethel and 3 days later, I see a text update to one of the staff pastors at Bethel, “I’m healed, it’s a medical miracle. The doctors are speechless, I’m blown away, there’s no cancer on the MRI. God healed me!!!!”

I choose to believe that I played a roll in being the vessel to carry the healing love of Jesus to that woman by simply declaring the power of testimony over her situation because the Bible says that we can throw down the enemy by the power of our testimony.

This is our inheritance as children. Psalm 119:111 says that the testimonies of the Lord are our inheritance, forever.

An inheritance is something from the past that is still valuable or important. The accounts of the past (a.k.a. testimonies), that are still valuable and important because they give us access to seeing those same things done again in this day and age; sounds to me like that fits the bill of an inheritance.

As children of God, we become heirs to everything that God has ever done. The word heir means “entitled to” or “to gain through rightful means”. We rightfully gain access to everything that God has ever done because Jesus has made us heirs. As heirs, we get this inheritance of the incredible testimonies of His love and the miracle working power that lies therein.

This is absolutely paramount to sustaining a culture of revival.

That’s all I’ve got for this post guys, be on the lookout for some video testimonies from the spring break trip coming soon. Much love guys!

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